Markus P. Arnold, MD PhD

Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology of the Musculoskeletal System (FMH)
Sports Medicine SGSM

Faculty and Specialty

Joint Preservation Surgery: Cartilage Repair, Meniscus Treatment, Ligament Surgery, Axis Correction, Fracture Treatment
Joint Replacement Surgery: Partial Knee Replacement, Total Knee Arthroplasty, Personalized 3D Printer Knee Arthroplasty, Total Knee Revision Surgery



Education, Training and Curriculum

  • Professorship at the University of Basel, 2015
  • Founding member of the private practice group LEONARDO, start 2014
  • Post-Doctorate at the University of Basel, 2009
  • PhD at the University of Nijmegen NL, 2004
  • Board approved Orthopaedic Surgeon since 1998
  • Dissertation and Medical Doctor’s Degree at the University of Basel, 1989


Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Basel
Swiss Orthopedics Knee Expert Group (EGK)
ESSKA Knee Expert Group (EKA)
ACL Study Group, international expert group for questions related to anterior cruciate ligament treatment


Theme-focused website about personalized knee-prostheses:
More than 50 publications in peer reviewed journals PubMed
More than 100 presentations at national and international meetings


Knee surgery for osteoarthritis: chances and limits

What are the benefits of personalized 3D knee prostheses?

New personalized implants from the 3D printer reduce the complication rate for knee prostheses. Do the new custom prostheses deliver what they promise?

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