Sports Orthopaedics

As an athlete, your musculoskeletal system is often exposed to great strain. Your body adapts to the increased burden. Muscles, bones but also tendons and ligaments become stronger. Despite these adjustments, overexertion or injuries can occur. An important goal of sports orthopaedics is to reduce the risk of classic sports injuries such as a cruciate ligament rupture and tendon injuries of the shoulder or overstraining such as tennis elbows by means of prevention. Close cooperation with coaches and sports physiotherapists is essential to achieve this goal. Many sports orthopaedic problems can thus be cured by early detection under conservative treatment.
Typical sports injuries from contact sports such as ligament injuries to the foot and knee joints, or tendon injuries to the shoulder in athletes taking part in throwing events form a large part of our treatments. These treatments are performed by the respective joint specialists at LEONARDO. However, problems of the musculoskeletal system cannot always be assigned to a specific joint, such as frequent muscle injuries. Sometimes complaints can affect several joints, or the pain moves depending on the level of strain. As sports orthopaedists, we can provide further assistance in these situations as well.


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