Foot & Ankle Surgery

The foot and ankle are the base (footing) of our entire musculoskeletal system. Only pain-free walking brings you forward. There are multiple reasons for foot and ankle disorders, and they require different therapies.

Here at LEONARDO we offer the complete spectrum of conservative and operative treatments. These include open and arthroscopic surgery, treatment of deformities, osteoarthritis, rheumatic conditions, tendon disorders as well as sports- and other injuries.

With us you are in the best hands for anything concerning your foot. As experienced specialists, we have been active in this region from the beginning and have a broad network at our disposal. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate and individual treatment for your foot and ankle complaints.


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Team Foot & Ankle

Claude Müller, MD
Rahel Schmid, MD
Britta Broede, MD
Sonja Gaber, MD

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